Know your builder

Get to Know you Builder

HI I am Grant and along with my Lovely wife Trish we own and operate Another room transportables.

Trish & I along with our young son Scott Moved to the Moruya area in 1997 from Gippsland in VIC to start a new Tourism based Business ( the off road Go-kart track Based at the speedway in Moruya) which we started and ran successfully for 11 years before moving on full time to our current Business of Another room in 2009.

My History is originally based in the electrical industry having Started life as an electrical fitter Building Industrial air-conditioning switchboards in Melbourne, from there I Moved on to become a fully qualified A grade electrician working around the country in heavy industry including gas & fuel / Mining/ Paper production specialising in Plant shut downs and Heavy Industry Maintance. Once Scott was Born I made the decision I was away from home to much for a happy family life so together we packed up and Moved to Moruya to Start the first off road go-kart track here in Australia ( that we know off any way), A couple of years passed and we settled into the area with our second son Luke coming along, During this time I acquired a Full electrical contracting License and did some industrial / air-conditioning electrical work along side our Tourism Business. After running the track for a while Trish & I decided it was time to look at trying something new so we started developing the designs and methods for the systems we Now call Another room and once we were fairly confident a success could be made of the fledgling business we took a leap of faith and Moved out of the Tourism Business back into Building.

To facilitate our new Business I returned to the class room and completed a Certificate 4 In Building and construction In Canberra which along with my extensive experience in industrial, commercial and residential building Gained through the years along with a sound knowledge of successful Business management enabled me to qualify for the covenanted Title of Builder and receive Both a Un restricted NSW Building license and also an ACT unrestricted Building license and also Gained full approval to provide the mandatory home warranty insurances required by law for building projects of value over $20000.

We Now operate from our Premises in the industrial area where we have been for more than 5 years with a couple of core staff providing Custom Built Solutions to peoples needs.