9 things to ask your builder

Q1 / licensing

Does the builder have a valid license in the state you are building to do the type of work you are
requesting, Any reputable builder will freely give you their license number and you should check that it is valid in the state you are working by visiting the relevant dept of fair trading

http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/About_us/Online_services/Home_building_licence _check.page

A1/ Grant Lamont is the licensed individual responsible for the Lamont family trust T/as
another room with NSW builders / electricians license 112957c and ACT Builders license2013315

Q2/ Can your Builder provide the relevant Home warranty insurance as mandated by the state
they are working in ? ( this is required for council approved residential projects)

NSW Home warranty required for works over$20000

ACT Fidelity Fund insurance required forworks over $12000

A2/ Grant Lamont/ Another room is fully approved to provide Home warranty insurance fidelity fund insurance in Both NSW and the ACT.

Q3/ Has your Builder ever Been bank rupt or changed Business names ?, check there can or ABN By going to asic connect

3/A No Grant Lamont / Another room has never been Bankrupt or in receiver ship However we
did change our trading name from the Lamont family trust T/as GTS Dirt karts to The Lamont
family trust T/as Another room transportables, Our ABN is 45103119631

Q4/ How long has your builder been in Business ?“ A Builder who has traded more than 4 years usually has a business based on a sound Model”

4A/ Grant as the Lamont family trust Has Been operating in Business since 1997 with 11 years
in a Tourism Business as GTS Dirt Karts and 10 years in Construction of transportables.

Q5/ Has your builder had any serious Disputes / tribunal judgements ?
These Can usually be found listed against there License Number on the relevant state fair trading site

A5/ No Another room, Grant Lamont or the Lamont family trust have never had any serious disputes that needed to be adjudicated

Q6/ Is it ok if I come to site to inspect the work and do I get periodic updates as progress is made?.

A6/ Another room Customers are always welcome to visit the workshop and updates are given freely including photographs with each stage claim for Payment.

Q7/ Does the contract clearly set out the deposit and stages of payment in terms That you can
clearly understand ?

A7/ Another room contracts always specify clearly both the % of the contract price and the actual figure before any agreement is entered into

Q8/ Is The deposit the correct amount as required by the state law where the contract is being entered into and have you been given a copy of the consumer building guide for that state ?

A8/ Typically the MAX allowable deposit at order is 10% for projects where the value is over $20000 and Another room will never ask for deposits greater than 10 % at Order

Q9/ Most importantly you must ask your Builder what other costs maybe incurred that are not included in the contract price to complete the Project ?

A9/ Another room will always be clear about what is and is not included in the price and what other costs may be incurred to complete the project( typically things like drafting/ surveyors if required/ inspections by certifiers, final site plumbing and electrical, council approvals etc) and where possible assist the client in sourcing these or estimating as far as practical these item costs.